Nov 22 2017

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Parking Citations

If you receive a parking ticket, you must respond within 21 days of the issue date.

The Adjudication office encourages those who believe they were parked legally at the time a citation was issued to submit a written appeal. Successful appeals clearly demonstrate the citation was issued in error and often includes supporting documentation.

If you do not pay or appeal your ticket:

  • After 21 days The citation is delinquent, the penalty doubles, and you lose your option to appeal.
  • After 45 days The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) places a hold on the vehicle registration and adds $20 to the doubled penalty.

Several unpaid citations can lead to:

  • 5 unpaid, delinquent citations Parking enforcement officers will lock an immobilization boot on your vehicle. You must pay all delinquent parking citations and a $150 boot removal fee within 24 hours to avoid towing.
  • 24 hours after the boot If penalties remain unpaid, a local towing company will tow the vehicle off UCSD property.
  • 5 citations at the DMV Any San Diego or UC police officer can tow the vehicle without warning.
  • To reclaim your towed vehicle, you must pay towing costs, daily vehicle storage fees, and all parking penalties.


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