Oct 13 2017

PhD in Administration: Schulich School of Business #salary #for #business #administration #degree


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PhD in Administration

Join leading scholars at the emerging frontiers of business.

Schulich s PhD in Administration brings scholars into a vibrant and engaging environment as they develop the skills needed to excel in research and teaching. Students benefit from close access to award-winning faculty and from working alongside other top students from around the world, many of whom have significant work experience.

Draw on the expertise of Schulich’s world-renowned scholars in your choice of six major areas of study as you gain valuable experience in course preparation, classroom management, and honing your personal teaching style.

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  • My time at Schulich has truly been one of the best experiences of my life. I have so many fond memories of how vibrant the research culture was and how incredibly generous the professors, fellow students, and staff were – and frankly, still are – with me.

    Marie-Agnès Parmentier, PhD 2009 Associate Professor, Marketing, HEC Montreal

    Career opportunities for PhD graduates

    Prepare for a stimulating career in academic teaching and research. Graduates from this rigorous program of study contribute to the knowledge and global practice of business through tenure stream positions at leading universities in Canada, the U.S. or abroad.

  • Choose your competitive career advantage. Select a specialization.

    At Schulich, our expertise in various specialized areas of study will help you meet your unique career objectives and give you a competitive career advantage.

    Selecting a PhD program that aligns with your goals and research interests is essential. The Schulich doctorate offers an individualized program of study in which you work closely with top researchers from around the world. Come explore with us.

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