May 19 2017

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#school teaching resources


We’ve saved primary teachers over 11,581,912 hours preparing teaching resources.

I love that all the resources are on one website, that you can request something to be made and it is actually done!
Teach starter helps me save time as they have lessons already done for you, you just need to implement it into your program and ensure that you differentiate as we all do!
The children love the bright colours of the displays and posters that are around the room! You know when a teacher has a subscription because it s the only resource site they need to use the resources are all around their room!
I would recommend this site to all teachers, especially new teachers to help them get a head start!

Ashleigh from Carlingford, Australia

I love the resources from Teach Starter! They are extremely practical and save me precious time! They fit in beautifully with the Australian curriculum, which is rare. Many resources online are American. Thank You Teach Starter!

Amanda from Gordonvale, Australia

Teach Starter has saved me hours of work- There are Great Posters, on every subject, that help introduce new concepts and then can form a centrepiece for display. Games that help to practise skills and concepts and allow meaningful small group activities freeing you up to teach other small groups. Then the worksheets that can be enlarged or used on the whiteboard as well as a record of work covered. There are new things being added all the time and there are things I have yet to discover.
Thank you Teach starter you are a great resource.

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