Apr 13 2017

Regional Office Education Services (ROE) #ministry #of #education #regional #offices

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Regional Office Education Services

Regional Superintendents of Schools are locally elected officials who administer Regional Offices of Education, which are grouped by county or counties throughout Illinois. By law, Intermediate Service Centers serve the functions of Regional Superintendents of Schools and Regional Offices of Education in Suburban Cook County.

Click here for a listing of responsibilities and services provided by Regional Superintendents of Schools.

Important News/Updates

The Illinois State Board of Education has prepared guidance on the applicability and effect of Section 24-14 of the School Code (105 ILCS 5/24-14) regarding teacher resignations. The intent of the guidance is to ensure that district and regional administrators understand the provisions of law and the scenarios in which a teacher s license may be suspended for resigning from a teaching assignment in contravention of law.

Intermediate Service Centers

Located exclusively in Cook County, Intermediate Service Centers (ISCs) provide staff development, technical assistance, and information resources to public school personnel, responding to the needs of schools and providing a local resource for a full range of school improvement and support services.

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