Feb 13 2018

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School of Education

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We offer a supportive community dedicated to preparing educators, scholars, and community leaders alike. Deadlines are approaching for many of our doctoral, master s, bachelor s and teacher licensure programs.

Department of educatio

Department of educatio

Department of educatio

Our commitments to justice and equity are threaded throughout everything we do. Explore our school, our values, and our inviting community, ready and eager to welcome you aboard.

Department of educatio

We prepare teachers to educate all students and advance educational equity. Teacher candidates combine social context and content knowledge to better understand and serve all populations while learning specific methods to meet the needs and interests of all students in today’s diverse classrooms.

Department of educatio

Undergraduate Programs

We are dedicated to preparing educators and community leaders alike. With our commitments to diversity, democracy, and social justice front and center, we invite you to explore our bachelor’s degrees and minors as important steps toward your transformative career as a leader in education and communities.

Department of educatio

Graduate Programs

As a graduate student, you will work closely with a small, collaborative group of nationally renowned faculty and a supportive community dedicated to preparing educators and educational leaders. Explore our programs committed to research-based policy and practice, democracy, diversity, and social justice.

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