Dec 9 2016

Schooling – definition of schooling by The Free Dictionary #schooling






[ sku l ] n (= studies ) études fpl (= educational background ) instruction f school inspector schools inspectorn(British)(secondary) inspecteur/trice m/f d’académie ; (primary) inspecteur/trice m/f primaire school kid schoolkid [ sku lk d] n écolier/ière m/f school leaver school-leaver [ sku lli v r ] n(British) jeune qui vient d’achever sa scolarité school-leaving age n âge m de fin de scolarité school library n bibliothèque f scolaire. centre m de documentation school lunch (mainly US)school mealn déjeuner m à la cantine (scolaire)



Those girls had grown up in the first bitter-hard times, and had got little schooling themselves.

That all this might not be too onerous on the purses of his rustic patrons, who are apt to considered the costs of schooling a grievous burden, and schoolmasters as mere drones he had various ways of rendering himself both useful and agreeable.

The remembrance of Rebecca was so vivid that their sister Aurelia’s letter was something of a shock to the quiet, elderly spinsters of the brick house; for it said that Hannah could not possibly be spared for a few years yet, but that Rebecca would come as soon as she could be made ready; that the offer was most thankfully appreciated, and that the regular schooling and church privileges, as well as the influence of the Sawyer home, would doubtless be “the making of Rebecca”

Steerforth said) than the lowest boy in the school; that he had been, a good many years ago, a small hop-dealer in the Borough, and had taken to the schooling business after being bankrupt in hops, and making away with Mrs.

Consequence, my mother and me we ran away from my father, several times; and then my mother she’d go out to work, and she’d say, “Joe,” she’d say, “now, please God, you shall have some schooling. child,” and she’d put me to school.

Godfrey made no reply, and avoided looking at Nancy very markedly; for though these complimentary personalities were held to be in excellent taste in old-fashioned Raveloe society, reverent love has a politeness of its own which it teaches to men otherwise of small schooling .

He had good schooling in his young days and can speak like a book when so minded; and brave–a lion’s nothing alongside of Long John

But it has been years since we parted, and your gentle schooling has polished you off mightily.

He had evidently been schooling himself as to all sorts of little things, and remembered them, but he almost managed to sit down on his silk hat, which men don’t generally do when they are cool, and then when he wanted to appear at ease he kept playing with a lancet in a way that made me nearly scream.

I am an extremely unhandy man(my schooling was over before the days of Slojd); but most of the requirements of a raft I met at last in some clumsy, circuitous way or other, and this time I took care of the strength.

Of course, I know that I am not an educated man, and have received but a sorry schooling. and have had no inclination for it, and think too much of Rataziaev, if you will; but he is my friend, and therefore, I must put in a word or two for him.

My destiny being toward a communion with man–or rather with woman–I have ever looked upon these silent communications with the astronomer as so much preparatory schooling. in order that my mind might be prepared for its own avenir, and not be blinded by an undue appreciation of the importance of its future associates.

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