Mar 21 2017

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Science Education

Virtual Issue

This Virtual Issue presents empirical research that blurs the boundary between learning sciences and informal science education research in an effort to advance key issues of importance to education about the nature of learning and engagement in out-of-school settings. This issue has a special focus on studies providing insights into the design and facilitation of learning in out-of-school time.

The six articles, introduction, and commentary examine the opportunities, challenges, and barriers that exist when bridging the learning sciences and informal science learning fields. The issue s articles explore three themes to advance educational research: (a) applying learning science theory to the design of informal science education spaces, (b) designing for equitable engagement to support out-of-school learning, and (c) facilitating social science learning of families.

Top Downloaded Articles from 2014-2015

Not Designed for Us : How Science Museums and Science Centers Socially Exclude Low-Income, Minority Ethnic Groups
Emily Dawson
Volume 98, Issue 6

What Students Say Versus What They Do Regarding Scientific Inquiry
Irene Y. Salter and Leslie J. Atkins
Volume 98, Issue 1

Learning Through STEM-Rich Tinkering: Findings From a Jointly Negotiated Research Project Taken Up in Practice
Bronwyn Bevan, Joshua P. Gutwill, Mike Petrich, and Karen Wilkinson
Volume 98, Issue 1

Learning to Teach Elementary Science in an Experiential, Informal Context: Culture, Learning, and Identity
Carolyn S. Wallace and Lori Brooks
Volume 98, Issue 1

Sustainability in Science Education? How the Next Generation Science Standards Approach Sustainability, and Why It Matters
Noah Weeth Feinstein and Kathryn L. Kirchgasler
Volume 98, Issue 1

New Editors

We are pleased to announce that the new Co-Editors of Science Education are Sherry A. Southerland, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, USA and John Settlage, University of Connecticut, Mansfield, Connecticut, USA.

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