May 18 2018

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Key Issues

Best education website

Nine key ingredients for transforming nutrition delivery

Lessons from a series of country-level case studies.

Best education website

The role of social protection and agriculture in tackling chronic undernutrition

Research from Ethiopia and Bangladesh on the potential of nutrition sensitive interventions

Best education website

Women at work

Understanding the social norms that restrict women s access to paid work.

Best education website

Enabling environments for nutrition

Understanding the role of leadership, capacity and accountability.

Latest documents

The coastal ecosystem mapping and media viability project

Combating poaching and illegal logging in Tanzania: voices of the rangers – hands-on experiences from the field

Coastal blue carbon ecosystems. Opportunities for Nationally Determined Contributions. Policy Brief.

Blue carbon – Nationally Determined Contributions inventory. Appendix to: Coastal blue carbon ecosystems. Opportunities for Nationally Determined Contributions

Health service resilience in Yobe state, Nigeria in the context of the Boko Haram insurgency: A systems dynamics analysis using group model building

The RV Dr Fridtjof Nansen in the Western Indian Ocean: voyages of marine research and capacity development


Best education website

Where are the data ethicists?

Best education website

Bridging the research-policy gap: Africa’s youth employment challenge

Best education website

Assessing the Quality of Evidence

What’s new

Best education website

Webinar: Rebuilding health systems in conflict and crisis affected settings

Best education website

Apply now to join Matasa Fellows Network

Best education website

Register now: free GODAN Action e-learning course on open data!

Best education website

Welcome to the new Eldis!

Best education website

A short history of Eldis


Eldis supports free and open access to useful and relevant research on global development challenges.

Eldis is hosted by the Knowledge, Impact and Policy team at the Institute of Development Studies in the UK but our services profile work by a growing global network of research organisations and knowledge brokers. These partners help to ensure that Eldis can present a truly global picture of development research. More.


Best education website

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