Jul 31 2017

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SLO Recovery Centers – Top Florida Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

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Alcohol Sobriety Support Center

The best American sobriety support community – We focus on the issues that each individual has to maintain sobriety.

SLO makes the process of determining which type of outpatient drug treatment or residential partial hospitalization program will be most helpful and appropriate for you or your loved ones and we aim to provide the highest quality intesive outpatient treatments for addiction in the state. Even though Florida, labeled as the ‘recovery capital of the United States’, has different options of drug addictions available, the existence of drug addictions modalities that incorporated an independent family and foundation was missing. Thus, the intense and thoughtful development of SLO Recovery Centers evolved.

SLO Recovery Centers Alumni

We’ve built outpatient treatments sober homes, for all clients–existing and past.

Ongoing support once the program is completed is an essential part of what we do. Clients are welcome, once they discharge, to come back whenever they want. We routinely connect alumni with current clients to be sober supports. We schedule regular outings with current and former clients to continue the family connection we have created here. To find out more information about our Alumni, connecting with us, or support, please contact SLO Recovery Centers .

Family Programs

SLO Recovery Centers believes in family involvement in the recovery process.


Family involvement in the recovery process provides the opportunity for the entire family to heal and cope together.


Allows the entire family to become educated about the disease of alcoholism and addiction to drugs.


Family involvement also allows each individual to receive and provide support in a healthy and positive fashion.

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SLO Recovery Centers, located in Florida, is one of the best providers of long-term treatments for alcoholism in the State. We make family involvement a vital part of a patient’s recovery and healing. At SLO Recovery Centers, our individualized and gender-specific alcohol abuse treatments program strive to embed this realization into family members that taking the right steps in support and healing can help cure their loved ones of their addiction. If you have a family member with a history of drug addiction or repeated lapses, SLO Recovery Centers can help change their lives.

SLO Recovery Center is an Addiction Rehab Center

SLO Recovery Centers provides dedicated help to people who have been struggle addictions like drug abuse treatments and outpatient treatments for alcoholism and wish to overcome their addictions. SLO Recovery Centers endeavor to provide evidence-based rehabilitation modalities that are able to address therapies and core issues that continue to push recovering persons to relapse.

SLO Recovery Centers provides individualized assistance for the following issues:

Living Story #34

“I’ve been going to SLO Recovery Centers for just over 6 months and I’ve never felt more alive, and self aware. I truly feel like they have helped me to become whole again.”

Living Story #27

“This place saved my life. I recommend SLO Recovery Centers to anyone who wants to make a significant change in their lives. SLO knows just how to lead you to a life of recovery.”

Living Story #16

“I now have 4½ years of sobriety and I am living my life to the absolute fullest! I would not be where I am today without the help I received from the group at SLO Recovery Centers.”

A Different Way to Treat People

Our alcohol addiction treatment center is not just a treatment center; it is a captivating place where staff and clients work as a unit to achieve the clients’ objectives of living a contented life in which they are not dependent on mood altering substances.

We focus on the core issues of each patient an we have designed our drug rehab programs on the following principles:

  • Drug abuse treatment involves a lot more than just stopping the usage of substances;
  • For any treatment to succeed, it is vital that the whole family gets fully involved; to achieve that, SLO offers an extensive program for the patient’s family during the treatment;
  • We ensure that each recovering patient receives treatment from a bio-psycho-social perspective that not only address medical and social issues, but also takes into account the psychological issues that are contemporaneous with substance dependence.

Substance Dependence and Drug Abuse

Substance abuse and dependence are the key factors for loss of employment and broken relationships and must be treated by the professionals. SLO Recovery Centers can provide assistance to individuals in addressing dormant issues that cause recovering patients to relapse.

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