May 19 2017

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#teachers websites for students


A Directory of Lesson Plan Web Sites for Teachers of Current Events, Geography, and Government

  • The National Council for the Social Studies – Standards, teaching resources (internet, print and videos), and links to social studies web sites.
  • World History for Us All – a curriculum for teaching world history to middle and high school students. This is project of San Diego State Unversity and involves the collaboration of K-12 teachers and university instructors
  • Social Science Lesson Plans – From Education World.
  • Social Studies Lesson Plans – From Teachnology.
  • Free Educational Resources from the US Government – in many subjects, and there are a very large number in social studies.
  • – Professional development and teaching resources. Videos marked VoD may be watched online. This site is by the Annenberg Foundation.
  • Social Studies Theme Units – For history, geography, and related Social Studies topics.
  • History and Social Studies Lesson Plans – From EdSitement.
  • Teach with Movies – Lesson plans for using movies in the classroom.
  • 42 eXplore – Teaching ideas and related web sites for a variety of social studies topics.
  • Smithsonian Education – Good web site for teachers, students, and families. It has lesson plans for all subjects.
  • Asia for Educators – Lesson plans for history, geography, and literature. This site is by Columbia University.
  • CNN Students News – Resources for both students and teachers.
  • New York Times Learning Network – A news quiz and lesson plans.
  • PBS News Hour – News for students and lesson plans for teachers.
  • Time for Kids – Teacher’s page. By Time magazine.
  • C-Span – Topics for the discussion of current events in the classroom.
  • National Geographic News – Current news of geography and other science and social studies topics.
  • The United Nations
  • Teachable Moment – Activities and resources for the study of current events.
  • Current Events! – Lesson plans from Education World.
  • Electing a President: Lesson Plans on Presidential Primaries – Lesson plans from Education World.
  • Current Events: Helping the Kids Live the Questions – A blog article by Sarah Cooper, May, 2015. Getting middle school students more involved in current events.

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  • Government Lesson Plans – From Teachnology.
  • Elections and Voting Lesson Plans – From Teachology.
  • The Center for Civic Education – Lesson plans are located in the resource section.
  • – The US government’s information portal.
  • iCivics – A web site for middle school students and their teachers by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. There are lesson plans dealing with current judicial issues.
  • The Interactive Constitution – From the National Constitution Center. View arguments by experts on both sides for each provision of the constitution.
  • Lessons on Local Government – This link will take you to high school level lessons. If you click on the menu, you will find lessons for other grades. These lessons have been designed for Colorado, but you could probably use them in any state.
  • Statistics in Schools – Lesson plans for all grades from the U. S. Census Bureau.
  • Learn About Congress – Interactive modules on congress and the government. This site is by The Center on Congress at the University of Indiana.
  • Courts in the Classroom – An interactive, online activity about notable court cases. There are lesson plans.
  • Best Civics Site for Teachers – web links collected by the Lenore Annenberg Institute for Civics.
  • The National Constitution Center – in Philadelphia. This site has lesson plans for study of the constitution. Look for these under classroom resources
  • What Would Abe Lincoln’s Social Media Campaign Look Like? – A new use for Facebook and Twitter. The is an article from EdSurge.
  • Pennsylvania State Government
  • VotesPa – Information for Pennsylvanians who are voting for the first time or who want to learn how to use the new voting machines.
  • Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting System – Obtain statistical information about crime in Pennsylvania. Data is available by location, age and race of offender, type of crime, and other parameters. This information can be used to assist in social studies research or in math studies.

The history sites, which used to be down here, have been moved to here

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