May 28 2017

Interactive Educational Games #interactive #educational #games

#interactive educational games # Interactive Educational Games CancerQuest has developed several interactive educational ‘edutainment’ games that allow users to challenge themselves and see how well they can recall what they have learned on the site. The games reinforce the knowledge presented in the text and videos and most provide feedback to help guide users. We continue to add more games so check back to play the newest ones. To see an example and play the games in the sections where they are found, choose from the following: Know the Flow : The technical aspects of cancer biology can be confusing. …

May 28 2017

Free Interactive Educational Games and Practice Tests #interactive #educational #games

#interactive educational games # Our quizzes are designed to be both educational and fun. We know from experience that these quizzes will help you to not only pass your tests, but excel in your coursework. We d offer a money-back guarantee, but the games are already free. Have fun reviewing course material, studying for a classroom test, getting ready for standardized college admissions tests (like the ACT, SAT, AP, or GRE*), or prepping for state proficiency tests (such as the Regents or state graduation test). Research shows that studying = positive results. The more familiar you are with the material, …

May 28 2017

Educational and Entertaining Web Sites for Children #educational #sites #for #children

#educational sites for children # Kids ComSubject. Games and WritingAges. 4-15Organization. KidsCom (commercial site with advertisements) This site has promise. An easy-to-understand graphical interface leads children from one area to the next. The games are fairly simple but fun for younger children (one even teaches Internet safety). Every week the site holds a writing contest in which children write stories about things like a a bear who lives in Canada and wears a hat. While advertisements are sprinkled through the sites, they are clearly marked with a cute little bug so that children know it is a commercial. On the …

May 28 2017

Educational Buzzwords #education #words

#education words # Educational Buzzwords: What Every Parent Needs to Know / Vocabulary Educational Buzzwords: What Every Parent Needs to Know Like most occupations, education has a unique vocabulary, and teachers may use some educational buzzwords when talking about your child. What do educators really mean when they say things like ‘individualized learning’ and ‘core curriculum standards’? You may want to keep current with all these words so you can discuss your child’s education more knowledgeably. Overview of Educational Buzzwords Acronyms ADA (average daily attendance) is the term schools use to calculate the total number of days of student attendance …

May 28 2017

Tips on Creating and Maintaining an Educational Web Site #educational #web #pages

#educational web pages # Note: To speed up access time, the material in this article appears on a series of web pages, but you may also visit a single page with the full article (useful for printing a paper copy). This essay is an updated version of the following journal article: Teaching of Psychology is published by Division 2 of the American Psychological Association (the Society for the Teaching of Psychology ). If you print, cite, circulate, or add web links to this page, please include full citation information (links to Teaching of Psychology are also appreciated). In this article …

May 28 2017

Educational sites for students #educational #sites #for #students

#educational sites for students # Bountiful Elementary Students Sort Order: 1 Link Text: Encore Link URL: Link Target: _self Sort Order: 2 Link Text: Email (Office 365) Link URL: Link Target: _blank Sort Order: 4 Link Text: Evaluate Davis Link URL: Link Target: _blank Sort Order: 5 Link Text: Office 365 Link URL: Link Target: _blank Sort Order: 5 Link Text: MyIDEA Link URL:

May 28 2017

14 Educational Websites Students Will Want to Visit #educational #sites #for #students

#educational sites for students # 14 Educational Websites Students Will Want to Visit The most popular website at my school, hands down, is Minecraft. Even 1 st graders love it (I’m amazed parents let six-year-olds use this sometimes violent game, but they do). Because kids would opt to live in this blocky virtual world 24/7, I only let them play it two lunch periods a week. Those days, my lab is always packed. Kids have no idea they’re learning math (estimation, geometry, shapes), science (geology, rocks, minerals), building, or softer skills like thinking and reasoning, problem solving, hypothesis-testing, risk-taking, and …

May 28 2017

Educational information websites #educational #information #websites

#educational information websites # Welcome Welcome to the community. Our online community became 15 years old on 1 April. No, not an April fool, we really have been doing it this long and our newsletter – Double Entries – was going for some years before this and is now in its 22nd volume for 2016. If you are new to the site – please feel free to use the contents of the site as you need. To make full use of this site you should register as a user as some content is only available to you once you …

May 28 2017

Heart Disease Educational Materials for Patients #educational #information #websites

#educational information websites # Educational Materials for Patients On this Page Key Definitions Heart disease refers to several different types of heart conditions. Coronary artery disease is a type of heart disease that occurs when a substance called plaque builds up in the arteries that supply blood to the heart. Plaque is made up of cholesterol deposits, which can accumulate in your arteries. Atherosclerosis is a condition that occurs when too much plaque builds up in your arteries, causing them to narrow. Cholesterol is a fat-like substance in the body. High levels in the blood can lead to heart disease …

May 27 2017

Educational Apps for Kids by Lakeshore Learning #kids #interactive #learning

#kids interactive learning # Shop by Category Teachers Parents Targeted Learning Shop by Grade / Age Grade Online Store Information Services Free Resources Catalogs Programs Software Tools sign in Educational Apps Apps starting at $.99 Language Adventures Quiz Interactive Game Show – Gr. 1 3 Game has all the excitement of a TV game show Children practice parts of speech, punctuation, writing skills and more For up to 4 players Optional timer and audio support Language Adventures Quiz Interactive Game Show – Gr. 4 6 Children compete as contestants Boosts skills in grammar usage, parts of speech, sentence structure and …