Apr 25 2017

Pennsylvania State Grant Program #education #grants

#education grants # Pennsylvania State Grant Program State Grant Update If you have submitted your 2017-18 FAFSA® (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and all requested documentation to PHEAA, you will receive an eligibility notice beginning in May. You may check your status in Account Access. A grant is a type of financial aid award that you don’t need to repay, as long as you meet all of the eligibility requirements. Before you apply for a Pennsylvania State Grant, find out whether you meet the eligibility requirements and how much money you can expect to receive. To be considered for …

Apr 24 2017

Enhancing Education through Technology (Ed-Tech) State Program #technology #education #websites

#technology education websites # CFDA Number: 84.318Program Type: Formula GrantsAlso Known As: Ed Tech State Program, Ed Tech; EETT The primary goal of this program is to improve student achievement through the use of technology in elementary and secondary schools. Additional goals include helping all students become technologically literate by the end of the eighth grade and, through the integration of technology with both teacher training and curriculum development, establishing innovative, research-based instructional methods that can be widely implemented. Local activities include the support of continuing, sustained professional development programs and public-private partnerships. Activities also include: the use of new …

Apr 22 2017

Academics – College of Education – Michigan State University #university #education

#university education # ACADEMICS The MSU College of Education is one of the nation’s top schools for advancing careers in teaching and educational administration, research and policy. It’s also home to leading programs for the study of rehabilitation counseling, physical activity and sport. Its rigorous five-year teacher preparation program, highly prominent faculty members and commitment to confronting issues from a global perspective distinguish the college among other programs of professional education throughout the country. Many areas of graduate study in the College of Education consistently rank within the top-10, according to U.S. News and World Report. In fact, MSU has …

Apr 22 2017

New York State Department of Labor #department #of

#department of # 1-888-469-7365 . 1-888-469-7365, Chiamare il 1-888-469-7365 per assistenza linguistica gratuita. 1-888-469-7365 1-888-469-7365 . 1-888-469-7365

Apr 21 2017

Education Spending Per Student by State #student #education

#student education # Education Spending Per Student by State The Census Bureau compiles data on education spending per pupil and elementary/secondary education revenues for each state. Nationally, the most recent data indicates $11,009 is spent on public education per student. Significant variation exists across states; New York spends roughly $20,000 per student, while states like Utah and Idaho only spend about a third as much. Many different factors and conditions within states influence education spending totals. Some of the more prominent factors include cost of living, class sizes and student demographics. Spending amounts shown reflect current spending, which does not …

Apr 21 2017

Welcome to the State Board of Education #board #of #education

#board of education # College Application Week 2016 will be held Oct. 31st – Nov. 4th. and has expanded! Learn more about how your school can register to participate in College Application Week. and how students benefit. The Idaho State Board of Education has launched a new online resource, Next Steps Idaho (, aimed at students and parents of students exploring options for life after high school. Next Steps is an important part of the go-on equation for Idaho. It provides a wide range of clear, easy-to-digest information, all in one, easy-to-access place. The information is specific to Idaho and …

Apr 21 2017

Welcome to Arizona State Board of Education #board #of #education

#board of education # Welcome to Arizona State Board of Education Mission To aggressively set policies that foster excellence in public education. General Information The State Board of Education is created by the Arizona Constitution and charged with the responsibility of regulating the conduct of the public school system. The Board is composed of the following eleven members: the superintendent of public instruction, the president of a state university or state college, four lay members, a president or chancellor of a community college district, a person who is an owner or administrator of a charter school, a superintendent of a …

Apr 21 2017

State Board of Education (CA Dept of Education) #board #of #education

#board of education # State Board of Education The State Board of Education is the K-12 policy-making body for academic standards, curriculum, instructional materials, assessments and accountability. The SBE adopts instructional materials for use in grades kindergarten through eight. The SBE also adopts regulations (Title 5) to implement a wide variety of programs created by the Legislature, such as charter schools, and special education. In addition, the SBE has the authority to grant local education agency requests for waivers of certain provisions of the state Education Code. The SBE has 11 members, all of whom are appointed by the Governor …

Apr 21 2017

New Jersey State Board of Education #board #of #education

#board of education # New Jersey State Board of Education The New Jersey State Board of Education has 13 members who are appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the New Jersey State Senate. These members serve without compensation for six-year terms. By law, at least three members of the State Board must be women, and no two members may be appointed from the same county. The Commissioner of Education serves as both the secretary and as its official agent for all purposes. The State Board also has a nonvoting student representative selected annually by the New …

Apr 21 2017

NC State Board of Education #board #of #education

#board of education # NC State Board of Education Every public school student will graduate ready for post secondary education and work, prepared to be a globally engaged and productive citizen Mission: The State Board of Education will use its constitutional authority to lead and uphold the system of public education in North Carolina. Goals: Goal: Every student in the NC Public School System graduates from high school prepared for work, further education and citizenship.Goal: Every student has a personalized education. Goal: Every student, every day has excellent educators. Goal: Every school district has up-to-date financial, business, and technology systems …