Mar 31 2017

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Word Origin & History

teach O.E. t can (past tense and pp. t hte) “to show, point out,” also “to give instruction,” from P.Gmc. *taikijanan (cf. O.H.G. zihan, Ger. zeihen “to accuse,” Goth. ga-teihan “to announce”), from PIE *deik- “to show, point out” (see diction). Related to O.E. tacen, tacn “sign, mark” (see token). O.E. t can had more usually a sense of “show, declare, warn, persuade” (cf. Ger. zeigen “to show,” from the same root); while the O.E. word for “to teach, instruct, guide” was more commonly l ran, source of modern

Example Sentences for teach

And, after all, that’s all I can teach you if we hunt together ten years.

Perhaps, however, your sister will teach him to hold up his head better.

The Allies have much to teach them, and much to learn from them.

Martin,” said Percival, “when are you to teach me to fire the rifle?

What do we teach about the Blessed Virgin more wonderful than this?

But if I teach you, will you tryTo learn, and sit quite still?

We may make two every week, if it were expedient, and not one enough to teach the people.

Partly, at least, because they like to teach Carol, and amuse her by telling her what they read.

And what time shall you reserve for learning all that the world has to teach you?

He isn’t going to teach you the sort of lesson you’ve been snickering about.

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