Nov 20 2016

Teacher Certification – SD Department of Education #departmentofeducation



Certification Process

Certification Processing Time is Around 10 Weeks
Summer Processing Time May Exceed 10 Weeks

  • Apply Early – 2016 renewal applications can be submitted after January 1.
  • Pending Processing – If your application status indicates “Pending processing by a SD Department of Education Certification Officer” this means all documents have been received and the application is ready to be processed.
  • July 1 expiration – If all documents have been received by July 1, certificates will not be considered lapsed.

Check Status
If you are applying for a South Dakota Teaching certificate, you will need to complete one of the following applications:

Initial Certification

Educators who have never held a South Dakota teaching certificate must complete the online initial application. (Paper application also available.)
Initial certification requires verification from an accredited university that the candidate has completed an approved education program.

To receive a five-year certificate candidates must:

Have completed a teacher preparation program

Have completed six credits within the past five years

Have completed the required Praxis II tests

Individuals may receive a one-year certificate if they have completed a teacher education program, but do not have the required six transcripted credits obtained in the past five years, the required South Dakota Indian Studies course, and/or the required Praxis II tests.

Additional Paper Documents May Be Required

– Official transcripts showing the education degree and recent credits completed

– University sign-off verifying completion of the teacher education program

– Copy of teaching certificates from other states

– Documents supporting legal alien status for non-citizenship

– Copy of legal documents required for any criminal offense declared through the online initial application

– International academic credentials must be evaluated to ensure they are recognized in the United States

Additional Coursework Requirements

Once South Dakota certification is obtained, educators must complete:

Renewal Certification

Educators who have a South Dakota teaching certificate (valid or lapsed) need to renew by completing the online renewal application. (Paper application also available.)
– All certificates expire July 1
– Renewal application may be submitted after Jan. 1 of the year the certificate expires
– Once renewal application is submitted, credits may be earned for the next renewal

All educators are required to earn six credits for renewal purposes. The type of credit varies based on the educator’s highest degree:

–Bachelor’s degree – At least three credits must be transcripted; the remaining credits may be continuing education contact hours.

–Advanced degree or National Board Certification – These credits can be any combination of transcripted credits or continuing education contact hours.

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