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Teacher Tap: Interactive Websites, Games, and Activities, websites for teacher resources.#Websites #for #teacher #resources

Interactive Websites, Games, and Activities

What websites will get my students actively involved with learning rather than just reading off the screen?

Websites for teacher resourcesInteractives

Interactive websites engage students by providing information and resources along with practice, simulations, and other learning activities. They can be highly interactive, content-rich simulations such as the Frog Guts (subscription-based) simulation and the Edheads games. Or, traditional drill and practice like Funbrain or book quizzes like Book Adventure. Go to PBS Kids and for lots of examples.

This page is divided into two sections. Use the links below to access these two areas:

Interactive Activities, Simulations, and Learning Games

There are many websites that contain tutorials, simulations, and problem solving activities.

There are many websites that appear to be simple games. However, they can often be used as springboards for effective activities.

General Websites

Activity Search from Education Place

Links to lots of activities by topic/theme.

BBC Schools Websites for teacher resources

Lots of great activities. There are many learning games.

Birmingham Grid for Learning

Explore lots of great interactive activities from many content areas. Many of these activities include audio elements. These are aligned with UK standards.

Explore fun, children’s educational games from the UK.

Interactive, online exhibits on topics such as Amusement Park Physics, Ancient Civilizations, and the Middle Ages.

The Learning Box

Interactive activities on many topics.

PBSKids Websites for teacher resources

Lots of games learning and fun games based on PBS characters.

PBS Websites for teacher resources

Read Write Think: Student Materials Websites for teacher resources

Lots of interactive tools for reading, writing, and thnking.

Scholastic Online Activities Websites for teacher resources

Contains a mixture of activity types including collaborative, online projects.

Over 100 games for young children.

ThinkPort from Maryland Public Television

Explore their Online Field Trips of interactive activities.

Lots of fun activities for kids

Art Music Resources

Throw a pot and build a jug among other activities.

Museum of Modern Art Online Activities

Art Safari and others.

Communication Arts Resources

Between the Lions

Reading games for young children.

Fun poetry game.

Create rap, write poems, and have a great time writing.

Math Resources

Math activities for kids.

Great interactive tools.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Fun activities for creative thinking and math.

Tutorials on fractions.

Science Resources

Online explorations including Planet Impact!, Hubble Mission, Galaxies Galore and more!

BBC Science Clips

Lots of great science activities.

The Biology Project

Problem sets and tutorials.

Biointeractive from HHMI

High school libs such as transgenic fly lab.

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Interactive activities including dinosaurs and bones.

Cool Science for Curious Kids

Interactive learning for science.

Earth Science Games from NASA

Exploratorium Online Activities

Try activities in the following areas: observatory, planet earth, machines tools, living things, seeing, sport science, human body, mind perception, and food.

Interactive resources for grades K-2, 3-6, and middle school on many science topics.

The Great Plant Escape

Learn about plants (English and Spanish) for grades 3-5.

Human Anatomy Online from Inner Learning

Learn about the human body.

Nobel Prize Simulations and Games

Play games based on award winning work.

This Old Habitat

Visit habitats and learn about ecology.

OMSI Science Activities

A dozen science topics and activties.

Tutorials related to physics.

Explore information and activities related to science.

Science adventures for kids

Social Studies Resources

Animated Atlas Websites for teacher resources

Traces the growth of the United States through animation and sound.

Asia SocietyWebsites for teacher resources

Drag the pictographsinto the slots. Includes hittite, egyptian, and sumerian visuals.

Bens’ Guide to US Government

Congress for Kids

Activities on government.

If You Were President

This simulation asks students questions and then creates a newspaper about becoming president.

National Geographic’s Xpeditions

Explore the interactive museum.

Our Story in History Websites for teacher resources

Interactive activities including building a sod house, you be the historian , and buffalo hide painting

An interactive guide for getting along.

Drill and Practice, Puzzles, and Quizzes

Many websites contain learning quizzes, games, and activities. As you explore the websites, determine whether they’re just for fun or really something that will help students learning a skill or address a standard.

Quiz Builders

Quia Websites for teacher resources

Take quizzes in many different categories. Subscribers can create quizzes. Trial available.

Create quizzes and track students.

General Sites

FunBrain Websites for teacher resources

Lots of great learning quizzes across the curriculum.

Some free activities and online books such as Alphabet Action.

Reading and Language Arts Specific Websites

AlphaBits for Kids

Basic alphabet practice.

Book Adventures Websites for teacher resources

Similar to Accelerated Reader, this is a free reading motivation program with a tracking system and quizzes based on books.

Fun proofreading game.

Many games for middle and high school.

Lots of activities based on books including Games and Trivia.

Write and submit silly sentences.

Spelling activity online.

Math Science Games and Puzzles

AIMS Puzzle Center

Math puzzles for students.

Math games and practice.

Jefferson Lab Games and Puzzles

Java enabled browser. Include science, math, and element games.

NCTM Electronic Math Examples

Great activities by grade level.

Social Studies Games and Puzzles

Geosense Websites for teacher resources

Test your knowledge of world geography alone or against other online players. You’re given a place and you have to locate it on the map.

US Census Bureau

Information and quiz.

Other Games

Consider the game trap. Try one of the “learning games” below. Is it really a “learning” game or just a time waster? What standard would it address? How could it be used effectively? Can you add an activity in another content area to make a connection?

PreK-3 Websites

  • Billy Bear’s Alphabet Game
  • Seussville Game
  • Billy Bear’s Online Games
  • Primary Games
  • Games for Preschool – links to games
  • Counting Games – links to games

All Grades

  • Funschool – popular
  • Kidspace Activities – must register
  • Hop Games
  • Magic Schoolbus Games
  • SuperKids School Subject Hangman

Integrate an Activity

Explore the suggested websites. Design a lesson that uses one of these activities to address a standards.

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