Feb 20 2018

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usa education news

  • Usa education news

  • Usa education news

  • Usa education news

  • Usa education news

  • Usa education news

  • Usa education news

  • Usa education news

  • Usa education news

    Today on ZDNet

    Usa education news

    IT Jobs in 2020: A Leader’s Guide

    2017: The Year’s Best Tech for Work and Play

    Why Rugged Equipment Is Critical For Mobile Workers

    The Future of Everything as a Service

    Tech Budgets 2018: A CXO’s Guide

    Cyberwar and the Future of Cybersecurity

    Securing Your Mobile Enterprise

    How to Choose and Manage Great Tech Partners

    Turning Big Data into Business Insights

    The Art of the Hybrid Cloud

    Riding the DevOps Revolution

    Usa education news

    Australian government unveils open data framework for cities

    The government has launched a database with innovation, digital opportunities, governance, infrastructure, investment, sustainability, jobs, skills, and housing information on the nation’s most populous cities and regions.

    Usa education news

    SoftBank invests $450m in real estate tech company Compass

    The funding will be used by the company to expand its footprint into additional major cities in the US.

    93-year-old public radio station WNYC thrives by embracing constant change

    Peter Weingard, CMO of New York Public Radio, explains how embracing technology, experimenting with content formats, and having a blended revenue model have helped WNYC and its sister stations grow its audience even in the age cord cutters and adblockers.

    Hilton rolling out mobile-controlled hotel rooms in 2018

    Hilton is introducing Connected Rooms, an experience for guests “where the room knows them, and they know their room.”

    How social media and new tech are driving a digital transformation of US politics and governance

    Digital tools like social media, big data analytics, and open source platforms are radically changing how US political campaigns are run, how governments provide services, and who citizens turn to for trusted information.

    Usa education news

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