Aug 27 2018

The 10 Best Maths Teaching Resource Websites – Great Maths Teaching Ideas, teaching websites for

The 10 Best Maths Teaching Resource Websites

A collection of fantastic teaching resource websites that every maths teacher must have in their bookmarks:

1. TES Connect

Thousands of maths teaching resources available for free download. The resources are rated by their users which ensures the best ones appear at the top of your search. A fantastically useful website.

2. Mathematics Enhancement Programme

A teaching resource for every topic! Pupil text books, practice books, slides to show on your whiteboard, tests and much more on every topic through the primary, secondary and A-level curricula. All available for free download! The secondary school materials have been conveniently organised on our own website which makes it even easier to find and download the resources you are after!

3. NRich Maths

Free interactive teaching resources that are specifically designed to be suitable for an investigative style of teaching. Monthly puzzles really engage pupils as they can submit their solutions through the website and to get them published online the following month. Countdown is a personal favourite. I ve yet to find a class that can handle Countdown Fractions at level 4!

4. Mr Barton Maths

Set up by an Advanced Skills Teacher whilst on a year-long sabbatical in Australia, this is a fantastic site for finding resources whether you are a teacher, pupil or parent.

5. National STEM Centre

The maths e-library houses a brilliant selection of teaching resources including all the SMILE Mathematics cards available for free download.

6. MyMaths

An interactive online lesson and test for every topic taught in secondary school mathematics. Pupils get their own logins and their performance in the topic tests (online homeworks) are recorded so they and the teacher can monitor their progress. The online lessons are very good with nice animations showing topics that are difficult to teach using just a whiteboard such as constructions and 3D coordinates. Subscription required.

7. Ten Tics

A collection of worksheets all organised by level. Brilliant for consolidation lessons where the pupils need to get some practice on what they have previously learned. The coverage of topics is comprehensive making it an invaluable collection of resources to have at hand. Purchase required.

8. Math Salamanders

Free worksheets on a variety of primary and secondary school mathematics topics. More added to the collection all the time. Fantastic!

9. Subtangent

Investigations, games, revision tests and free worksheets. High quality resources on a variety of topics. Not comprehensive but what is there is great.

10. Maths Watch

The best revision resource I currently know about. You can purchase (cheaply) CD ROMs/ DVDs that show short video clips explaining every topic on the Key Stage 3 and 4 curricula. The emphasis is on easy-to-remember techniques with a focus on understanding where the marks are in the exams. Your pupils simply must have a copy of these discs! View a sample of the videos here.

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