Nov 10 2016

The Rainforest Rangers – The Best Online Educational Game for Kids! #best #educational #games #online

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The Rainforest Rangers in Costa Rica

The Rainforest Rangers, based in Costa Rica, is a small development team of people dedicated to rainforest education. We believe that it’s important to teach children about this fragile ecosystem in order to provide future generations with an understanding of it’s impact on the world. We pledge to give back 10% of our profits to local environmental and educational groups who are working towards reforestation and rainforest education. Additional profits are used add fun, educational content to Operation Morpho & resources to the Teacher’s Lounge, in order to continually grow and enhance the project.

What is Operation Morpho?

Operation Morpho is an educational game designed get kids excited about learning, and to teach them something new each time they play! It’s ideal for kids in 1st- 4th grades (depending on reading level). Operation Morpho can be used as a unit study on the rainforest ecosystem, interactive classroom project, fun computer lab assignment, library activity, or as an educational after school game that both kids and parents will love!

About the Teacher’s Lounge

Sign up for a free account in the Teacher s Lounge. Helpful tools to track your child’s game progress & GPA, purchase Gift Cards, create Alliances with friends, print & download free rainforest teaching resources, and much more!

Classrooms, Homeschoolers, and Other Groups!

If you would like to use the game in your classroom or home school group, be sure to check out the Teacher s Lounge where you can find group discounts and create Alliances. Alliances generate private chat rooms for group discussion and team building, and you can track each Alliance member’s progress and grade point average in the game! Contact us if you need any help, or would like to inquire about discounts!

See what parents are saying about Operation Morpho!

  • “This is a phenomenal game, our son is loving it, and we love playing it with him. Fun, educational and inspiring! Thanks!”
  • “Our son is thoroughly enjoying his paid subscription to The Rainforest Rangers!”
  • “For those of you with children or who work with small children I encourage you to check out The Rainforest Rangers website. It’s a fun and interactive way to learn about the rainforest. “

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