Feb 13 2018

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Reference Desk – Science Education Websites

  • Science NetLinks – This site strives to be a comprehensive homepage for K-12 science educators. Search their library of reviewed websites and lessons by selecting a science topic. Don’t miss this one!

  • PBS Learning Media – Science – This is an excellent site for multimedia and other resources for your science classroom!
  • Biology Online – A great reference source for biological topics! This site offers biologically related information within a click of your mouse button. From anatomy to zoology, this site is dedicated to providing accurate, useful information in relation to your needs.

    Brain POP – This site provides informative mini movies on a variety of science and health topics as well as a great assortment of interactive activities/games your students will love.

    Elementary Science Program – Loads of resources for kids and teachers! Check out the Science Activity of the Month or browse the site map to explore all this site has to offer.

    Exploratorium Science Snacks – Browse through miniature versions of some of the most popular exhibits at the Exploratorium. Also check out their correlations to NGSS!

    Fermilab for Educators – Browse this site for great ideas and connections for your students. Visit Fermilabyrith for great games for students or browse the K-12 Classroom Projects section for more ideas.

    Frank Potter’s Science Gems – A site filled with lots of connections to a wide range of science topics. Utilize the site search to find links quickly.

    Flying Turtle Exploring – Discover how the same basic principles influence and control how things work in nature, living organisms, and human technology. Visit this site to explore energy, super bugs, whales, and much more!

    Illinois Department of Natural Resources – From educational programs to grant opportunities, this site provides excellent information for any teacher. – An excellent resource for the latest news and information related to microbiology.

    Movies in the Classroom – Explore this page from ClassBrain to learn tips and tricks for using movies in your science classroom.

    National Science Teacher’s Association – Explore this site for the latest on science education! Browse the recommended site list or sciLINKS to find the best on the web.

    National Wildlife Federation – Explore this site for excellent lessons and links for your students. Be sure to visit the Ranger Rick’s Kid Zone for great ideas to connect your students with nature.

    Newton’s Apple – Visit this site for activity guides from past shows and experiments related to their programs.

    Project Look Smart – Check out their science and health modules that integrate media literacy and critical thinking into their learning units. The materials are free and ready to use in your classroom!

    Science Master – From current news to great learning ideas, take the time to explore all this site has to offer.

    Science Playwiths – An assortment of simple science activities to get your students thinking!

    Science Teachers’ Resource Center – This web site is for science teachers to share ideas. Explore this site for lesson ideas for biology, chemistry, and physics as well as links for educators!

    Songs for Teaching – Science – Visit this site for an assortment of songs organized by science topic!

    Stan Slaughter – A fun site to visit for an assortment of environmental resources. Be sure to sample the music and his online learning support area.

    The Science Page – Home of the largest collection of science analogies along with a well organized collection of links!

    The Thinking Fountain – An excellent site for science educators and students from the Science Museum of Minnesota. From an A to Z list to thematic units , you are sure to find something to interest your students.

    Treasure Troves of Science – Visit this site for an extensive on-line encyclopedia of math and science compiled by web encyclopedist Eric W. Weisstein.

    Weird Science Kids – Visit this site for a collection of science experiments and videos on a wide range of science topics.

    ZOOM School – A great resource for educators on a variety of topics! The science section offers information on dinosaurs , rainforests , astronomy , and much more!

    ZOOM Science – Explore this site for an assortment of fun projects from the PBS show! Don’t miss the Science Experiments section!

    The Science Classroom provides a listing of links for every subject.

    The Nature Center Links page and Nature Center Lessons page offers links for environmental education topics.

    Do you have other resources to share?

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