Feb 14 2018

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Top 20 Teacher Jokes

Top teacher websitesFor a quick giggle, we’ve compiled and concocted 20 side-splitting (and maybe a little corny) teacher jokes to laugh our way through next week.

* What is a math teacher’s favorite sum?

* Why does the principal keep talking to me about having more “arty eye”? I teach reading, not art.

* Teachers who take class attendance are absent-minded.

Top teacher websites

Top teacher websites

Top teacher websites

Top teacher websites

Top teacher websites

*Teacher: ‘Craig, you know you can’t sleep in my class.’

Craig: ‘I know. But maybe if you were just a little quieter, I could.’

*Stressing the importance of a good vocabulary, the teacher told her young charges, “Use a word ten times, and it shall be yours for life.”

From somewhere in the back of the room, came a small male voice chanting, “Amanda, Amanda, Amanda, Amanda, Amanda, Amanda, Amanda, Amanda, Amanda, Amanda.”

*Does it count as differentiated instruction if I print their worksheets in different colors?

*Pupil: I don’t think I deserved zero on this test!

Teacher: I agree, but that’s the lowest mark I could give you!

*What do you call a teacher without students?

*Teachers deserve a lot of credit. Of course, if we paid them more, they wouldn’t need it.

*Teacher: I want you to tell me the longest sentence you can think of

Pupil: Life imprisonment!

*Where do door-makers get their education?

The school of hard knocks

*What do you call a teacher without students?

Broke…oh wait, that’s a regular teacher

*Teacher: Why have you got cotton wool in your ears, do you have an infection?

Pupil: Well you keep saying that things go in one ear and out the other so I am trying to keep them it all in!

Kid comes home from 1st day at school. Mum asks, ‘What did you learn today?’ Kid replies, ‘Not enough. I have to go back tomorrow.’

Pupil: Teacher, would you punish me for something I didn’t do?

Teacher: Of course not

Pupil: Good, because I didn’t do my homework

More Teacher Jokes

There is one person in our district who is all about “No Child Left Behind”

*What kinds of tests do they give witches?

*Teacher: You copied from Fred’s exam paper didn’t you ?

Pupil: How did you know ?

Teacher: Fred’s paper says “I don’t know” and you have put “Me, neither”!

*The little boy wasn’t getting good marks in school. One day he made the teacher quite surprised. He tapped her on the shoulder and said . “I don’t want to scare you, but my daddy says if I don’t get better grades, somebody is going to get a spanking.”

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