May 16 2018

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Hello! Vectorkids believes in enhancing education through technology. Our content is designed for elementary and middle school students. However, it is fun for all ages.

Flashcards +-: Choose addition or subtraction and a number to practice. The number you choose will be used in a set of numbers between 0 and 12 in random order.

Flashcards x/: Choose multiplication or division and a number to practice. The number you choose will be used in a set of numbers between 0 and 15 in random order.

Flashcards Timed: How many flashcards can you solve in one minute? Compete against family, friends, or just try and beat your high score.

Divisibility Rules: A number is divisible by another number if the result is an integer with no remainder. Learn divisibility rules with this interactive game.

vk Math Invaders: Destroy the robot that contains the answer to the displayed math problem. Watch out, if you miss the robots go faster.

Fractions: Learn simple fractions. Determine the numerator and denominator of randomly created pie graphs.

Geometric Matching: Match the geometric shape to its name with this card matching game. Try and commit the shapes to memory.

Variable Solving: Choose an operation and a number range to practice. See how many times you can solve the variable x in one minute.

Multiplication Table: The standard multiplication table has been spruced up with this interactive version.

U.S. Capitals: Select a State and choose the Capital from a randomly created answer list.

Count U.S. Coins: This is a tool to learn coin recognition and the values they represent. Dollar amounts will be calculated as coins are pulled from a dispenser.

What can you do here?

Interactive Math: Strengthen basic math and other skills with interactive educational tools. The Internet is a great reference. Go beyond reading on the web and begin practicing on the web. The Timed Flashcards and Variable Solving games have a high score board to gauge progress.

Games: Play a game of Math Invaders. More are on the way.

Other Skills: The first priority of vectorkids is math and science. The truth is that there are tons of fun interactive tools outside of math that are on our list to create. Try your hand at U.S. Capitals or learn basic coin counting.

Have Fun! We get success e-mails from kids and adults. Choose a game from the list and have fun practicing.

What is going on?

The high score boards will be cleared on February 14th. Thank you to all of the current placeholders and good luck to the next set.

Uses for Divisibility Rules:

Why do we practice divisibility rules? They are useful when reducing fractions. They help in determining prime factorization, greatest common factor and the least common multiple.

Are you interested in astronomy and space? Check out the National Science Foundation. They examine research on fundamental questions. What is the universe made of, and how does it work? Are we alone? Learn about the Big Bang, dark matter, superstrings, and Einstein’s general theory of relativity. They have great pictures and some interactive content.

What is a vector

A quantity that includes direction and magnitude. Examples of vectors are velocity, force, and acceleration.

Browser Requirements

All of the interactive games are created with Adobe Flash. Your browser will need the flash player installed to play the games. The latest player can be downloaded for free from Adobe.

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