Nov 15 2017

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Hi. My name is Garrett Sims and I am a 4th grade classroom teacher in Bellevue, Nebraska. I also provide a lot of training in educational technology for the teachers of Bellevue Public Schools. At a recent class on using Weebly to build a Classroom Website, we came up with the idea to gather a list of some of the many, many educational websites out there made with Weebly. This way teachers can get some pretty cool ideas for what they can do with Weebly for their own websites. My own website is

Thanks to Tonya, Shelley, Mary, Melba, Barbara, Angie, Brittany, Patty, and Sandy for inspiring this site.

If you have a Weebly Teacher Site you want to post here, click on the link above and post it in the blog! Be sure to include who you are, where you teach, and what subject(s) or grade(s) you teach!

Teacher Website Spotlight

This amazing Weebly Website was created by Laura Bonham, a 4th grade teacher at Harris Creek Elementary in Raleigh, North Carolina. A lot of great student work samples and links. I was interested in reading more about the debate over whether PE should be taught every day. She also has next year’s supply list up already!!

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