Dec 2 2016

What are some of the best interesting, educational or informative websites? #interesting #educational #websites

#interesting educational websites


Uh, that s a tough one (I mean, selecting only few):

Obviously, Wikipedia is excellent source of quick info, enought to get you oriented. Then follow the links to the sources the article cites. If you are reading on a controversial topic (e.g. anything to do with politics), be sure to check the talk page for dissenting opinion. No such second opinion is available for The World Factbook. but it is a valuable resource, nevertheless.

Encyclopedia of Life is an excellent source of expert-written articles on, well, life. For math lovers there is ; FQXi Community explores a gray area between physics and philosophy in a very accessible way.

Science – YouTube is choke-full of videos on science and other interesting topics, both amateur works and professional educational or documentary content.

Many scientists and layman enthusiasts maintain interesting sites and blogs, from focused single topic to very eclectic ones. Google and Bing are both your friends. o)

Now, if you are interested in politics and/or what happens in the world, the choice is overwhelming, both in the sheer volume and the range of quality and, um, orientation (i.e. objectivity and the particular choice of favorite prejudices). My personal favorite is The Guardian .

I could go on all day. If you add particular topics you are interested in to your question, I will add some more sources.

Edit: I could not resist to add some more:

No seed to introduce National Geographic. is there? e-Print archive is a repository of real open access science papers, as is – content of both flies high over my head.

Somebody stop me. o)

I almost forgot: Quora, of course. o)

A good site not entirely unlike Quora, but more focused and in discussion format, is Civil Discourse. Some interesting thinking can be found at .

A good resource for USA legal matters, from The Constitution on, is Legal Information Institute at Cornell.

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