Jun 21 2018

What are the best typing websites for kids learning to type, websites for online learning.#Websites

What are the best typing websites for kids to learn to type online? Reader Q+A

Websites for online learning

Hi Cool Mom Tech, any suggestions for fun kid-friendly typing apps or websites? Tiffiny via Twitter

How perfect I ve just been looking for typing websites myself, to get my own kids to learn how to type online. Especially after the pain of watching her spend a good hour hunting and pecking to complete two sentences for a third grade presentation.

As a fast (sometimes) touch-typist myself, I m a huge advocate of learning proper typing technique and especially in today s digital world, I think it s become a new essential skill.

Certainly there are plenty of mobile apps which promise to teach typing, but personally I think that flies in the face of logic; you need to sit down at an actual keyboard to be able to learn how to use a keyboard. And yes, of course you can use a bluetooth keyboard with a tablet, but I m old school that way. (Get my kid a darn typewriter, someone! And some white-out, while you re at it.) So here are some of the best typing websites for kids that I ve found, some free and some for a little money that you might thing is worth it.

A Typing Website for Kids to Get Started

Websites for online learning

Despite the crushing number of ads popping in the margins or while the games load, the tutor courses at are among the best free resources I ve found online. The proper, step-by-step lessons remind me of the ones I took back in school as a kid, and it s amazing how clean and navigable the interface is, because the homepage with all the blinky madness is very misleading. Normally I d have skipped right past it.

You ll find the beginner lessons start slowly with the home row keys; first you learn f and j, then move onto d and k, and so on. As you can see, there are even little visual hints as to which finger on which hand is required for the next letter. As you master each pair you can move to another row, or retake the lesson as makes sense. And of course typing as a whole has its very own gamification built-in with the WPM and accuracy tabulations at the end of each lesson.

You can also register for the site if you choose, which allows you to keep track of progress and access some extra content. Or upgrade to a premium account starting at just $9.99 for the year (or $14.99 for a LIFETIME you guys. Your whole life!) which removes distracting ads, as they put it. Nothing like them admitting that they know the ads on their site are awful. Although I would say if you re serious about teaching your kid typing, it s worth the money.

Online Typing Games for Practice and Fun

Websites for online learning

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