Mar 13 2018

What is educational website, what is educational website.#What #is #educational #website

Why Attend an Accredited Program?

National Counselor Examination for Licensure and Certification (NCE).

  • Streamlines the licensure application process.
  • CACREP programs have been reviewed against

    professionally approved standards.

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    What is educational website

    Why should your program become accredited?

    • Enhances a program’s reputation
    • Stimulates self-review and self- directed improvement
    • Highly qualified students seek enrollment in CACREP programs
    • Increases faculty productivity in areas such as

    research, publication and service.

  • Demonstrates a commitment to meeting the

    What is educational website

    Why become a Professional Counselor?

    • You like to help people
    • Be part of a growing profession
    • Work in a variety of setting with diverse clientele
    • Highly regarded profession
    • Challenging and rewarding work
    • Service to country and fellow humans in times of

    What is educational website

    Welcome to CACREP! This website is designed to provide information about CACREP for students, programs, and team members.

    Here’s why CACREP matters:

    • It is the recognized training standard for counselors by the

    Institute of Medicine and the Veteran’s Administration

  • It promotes a unified identity as professional counselors and

    counselor educators.

  • Its curricula content areas are the required educational training for

    counseling licensure in most states, making CACREP-accreditation

    a pathway to portability.

  • More and more programs are seeking CACREP accreditation.

    There are over 750 currently accredited programs, and counting!

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