Nov 12 2016

Which IDE and Websites are good for learning web development? #good #learning #websites

#good learning websites


It offers syntax highlighting for multiple languages, including html, css, and JavaScript, all of which you will need to use in building a website. It also offers support for other languages you will eventually want to learn.

Another reason is the simplicity to use. To start your project, all you have to do is press the run button, and it runs your website and gives you its url. This is for development, not hosting (as it will eventually shut down), and it makes it extremely easy for other people to see and work with your project.

You can also work on a project with somebody else in the editor and see the results live. If you re learning, this is a great way to work with other people and learn by making stuff.

Lastly, if you want to learn a backend language to work with a database, it comes preinstalled with PHP and MySQL, node js, django, and a few others. You will eventually want to learn at least one of these, so this will eventually be useful, if not at the moment.

For sites, I find w3schools to be a good staring resource. The reason Why is that it is aimed at beginners and assumes no background knowledge. It explains concepts concisely and comes with a good reference.

I find tutorialspoint also a good resource, as it has more tutorials and goes more in depth than w3. W3 is a good introduction, but you ll want more than just that.

I hope this helps

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Martin Tonev. Web developer with 5 years expirience.

For IDE I ll recommend you phpStorm it is really the best not only for PHP it can support also HTML, CSS and JavaScript

The best tutorials for absolute beginners are in Learn to code with detailed lessons and live writing of code. I think this is the best sa to learn.

For questions of course the place is here or Stack Overflow

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Wilson Gomez. AngularJs Junior, fan, Web development FTW.

For web development WebStorm is the 800 pound gorilla, it s hands down the most feature packed one, but it comes with a hefty price tag. (Unless you re a student), for the most part I like it. For learning i don t like the fact that it does a lot for you, for example, a new project just created? It will create a bunch of files for you. If you are learning it s not good to have an IDE that does things automatically, its best to know whats happening at every level in order to really understand what you are learning. This also applies to VS.

Also there s Atom from GitHub ( ), free, very nice interface but to get it working like you want you need to hunt for plugins, it has a vast repository of them, but again it s time you need to invest in order to get it working like you want.

My personal recommendation is brackets ( ), after you install everything just works, you can concentrate on learning, the live preview feature helps a lot with visualizing the end results beforehand.

As for learning websites Coursera is excellent choice ( ) Codeeschool is also very good. Additionally check out Udacity s nanodegree for web developmentt ( ourse/f. )

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